Patching SQL Server 2014 Failover Instance

We have a SQL Server 2014 failover instance need to patched. The failover instance include 2 nodes — SQL001 (active) & SQL002(passive), the build before patching is RTM with no service pack and cumulative update installed. The patch is cumulative update 14 for RTM.

Install CU 14 on SQL Server 2014 Failover Instance

Step 1. Install CU 14 on passive node (SQL002)

We will install CU 14 on the passive node first.

  1. Login to the passive node SQL002, run “SQLServer2014-KB3158271-x64.exe” to install CU 14.install-cu14
  2. Accept  License Termsinstall-cu14_1
  3. Select the features to be installed.install-cu14_2
  4. Select “Next” when files in use check completed.install-cu14_3
  5. Select “Update” to start installation.install-cu14_4
  6. Select “Close” when installation completed.install-cu14_5

Step 2 Manually Failover

In order to patch SQL001, we will manually failover to SQL002, and make SQL001 passive node.

  1. From Server Manager, select “Tools” — “Failober Cluster Manager”.failover-cluster-manager2
  2. Select the cluster name in Failober Cluster Manager, then click “Roles” — “SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER)”, select “Move” — “Select Node…” in Action panel.failover-cluster-manager3
  3. Select SQL002 in the Move Clustered Role window.
  4. In Roles panel, the Owner Node will change to “SQL002”, the Status change to “Pending”.failover-cluster-manager5
  5. The failover is completed when the Status change to “Running”.failover-cluster-manager6

Step 3 Install CU 14 on SQL001

  1. Install CU 14 on SQL001 follow the procedure in Step 1.
  2. After installation completed, manually failover to SQL001. The installation completed.